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As Death

by Nahja Mora

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    BONUS TRACKS - 2018 remastered version of 2016's Actualiser EP's ferocious track, "Losing Teeth" included. Also an instrumental version of previously unreleased death-disco experience, "Vampire Crucifix"
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seeming form 05:45
thoughts creep to bag my head tie my ankles bind my hands make my sternum clap as i walk the plank i slip into the river. bound, broken nothing can bring me further from here the bottom is the bottom lower ground is gone if i keep my head the thoughts will lose. seams give when the bitter taints your tongue and the lights blind your eyes it will silently move around you and settle into the dark you're not going to like it when you wake you can trust me on that you can try to run but it will grab at your ankles and drag you to its den once you fall it's coming back again it's coming back again i've drowned in my use again covered in gashes from what i've done some things you can never put down bleeding out, bleeding out, bleeding out
do you speak? yes, i am planning to but not right now to play dead so many obligations must be met. i said, "play dead" i said, "come home." look at me, i crumble like chalk, i sometimes wish and then he rots it all goes so wrong unrequited once, i checked my list and imagine you laugh with a wire to talk happenstance always allots for many things to go wrong but still, many obligations must be met so he tried and they watched and he failed and they left him so now the tempest tells him, "play dead." "and for lack of what is best, falter not remember what skulks and shall stalk: it seeps through marrow while sleep amidst, Betrayed, you'll never account for this!" play dead.
i used to sleep in dreams, you know kiss you like feathers i turned my back on all that said i always wanted to i used to find wonder and light definition sublime tides they come and go can't shake off this cold shadows only tease me silhouettes are only dreams silently, surely, it all rots away reflection in my eyes is hollow now so stale, too gone it's not fair now all the things you wanted are buried in the dirt dissolving the time is now, do you feel it, the king is dead, can you stand, this is the time, rise up, poise your force, will it, make it real tell your truth, kill them all kill them dead throw it all away way in the back of the space again in the hole where i keep all my violence thinking hard on the river and why i let myself drown. foster the growth just to cut it out of the body in a veneered display of simple avoidance as if that ever was the way forward, it's just the way to die. but maybe that's what i'm after is it what i'm after? maybe so i just, i just i don't have the answer i just carry the load.
block 02:19
it's all wrong watch it burn thief centipede falls from your mouth, pick up your jaw with your shattered point turn your head around look back, step back recap every nuance of soul answer to the angles relate your fuzzy math the warning's in the air i am aftermath we bite in we cut that wound we watch it bleed and die. something dangerous seems somewhat damaged territorial pissings of this animal lack viciousness reduct, replay, reductive i don't think you get it but i'll stick around kicking in your head just to kick in your head this is not hopelessness is it?
wound 00:41
like wolves 05:43
thanks for making this cat always cry for food if forgotten this lie will remember to never let this go from porcelain insincerity two pointless messengers always can supply empty promises words away and seconds pass days burn on, now hours last ill-begotten text, a rapecamp on paper, bonds a liar's crop to your words heavens glare in a pool of disease like wolves hiding in pillows you'll struggle to close the wounds. broken and constant, you can't pull the knife out alone and collapsing, watching your bed burn watching it all fall there's no facing forward, there's no way back now there's no explanation you're just dying you can't gain a foothold, it's all going faster and you're moving slower there's no excuse now, there's no more reason it's just what you wanted i guess. drowning, sorry, falling, blinded drowning, sorry, falling, faster drowning, sideways, crashing, faster drowning, darker, crashing, apart apart abort rest now and forget every part that tears with every movement you make it's not really there. when the cheese fell from his mouth, as the vulture ripped him in half, "beautiful imagination, you're playing tricks on me again," the mouse thought. then his eyes went out.
death threats
pictures in your head of faces you knew remember where you stood when they let go feel the weight set sinking slow all the things you had all the shit preferred wake up and check your phone wake up and check your face everyday make sure you have enough gas turn your radio off roll your windows up you try to get away but trust me you won't. dance on minefields crawl through glass attic players, drowning act cutthroats, busted knees blue leather, gasoline off brand nicotine for our martial schemes monsters reading military tactics empty corners crystal ball joke. dark knights dissolving in darker rain to nothing there's nothing. a world away to where you've run the weight of it all on you so i stand in the back and i stay away i keep busy i wear a stain you don't know what it's like and you won't know that it's here and there's nothing i can say that could make this repaired i wish i made the time i wish i read that book i wish, i wish i wish you were still here. [...]


“As death, when we come to consider it closely, is the true goal of our existence, I have formed during the last few years such close relationships with this best and truest friend of mankind that death's image is not only no longer terrifying to me, but is indeed very soothing and consoling.” - WA Mozart

"そう、奴らはマジなのだ。本気でインダストリアルな美学に殉じたまま、それらを奇形化させ解体し全く別のオルタナティブな音楽へと変成させようと試みている。そして、本作『As Death』を聞く限りにおいてその試みは大いに成功していると言わざるを得ない。"
("Yes, they are really serious. With serious and industrial aesthetics in mind, they are trying to deform and dismantle them and transform them into totally alternative music. And, as long as you listen to this work "As Death", you have to say that the attempt is highly successful." Google Translation) - Blue Pan Opticon

"As Death is a difficult listen, even for those who favor styles of industrial that blend sophisticated songwriting with unrelenting production. With longtime associates like Mettee, Hobart Blankenburg, and Hemlock MacNamara, Saint’s skills at crafting tracks that yield inviting melodies amid repellent clamor are quite apparent throughout the band’s oeuvre, taken to an extreme on As Death that results in some of his sharpest and actually quite beautiful moments amid others that will require a lot of patience and desire to penetrate. " - ReGen Mag


released September 14, 2018

all songs written, arranged, programmed, and performed by josef saint
except crystal rot hybrid: written by josef saint and jenny rae mettee

jenny rae mettee performs fretless bass on: the medium (version); crystal rot hybrid; this is not hopelessness; all (destroyed); retribution (edit)

jenny rae mettee performs synthesizer on crystal rot hybrid

hobart blankenburg performs synthesizer an sampler on: seeming form; the medium (version); crystal rot hybrid; this is not hopelessness; like wolves; retribution (edit)

hobart blankenburg performs guitar on seeming form

hemlock mcnamara performs keyboards on all (destroyed)

recorded at the injury box baltimore 2017-2018
produced by nahja mora
mastered by eric oehler at submersible studios
unter null appears courtesy of alfa matrix records

© 2018 nahja mora

all (destroyed) in memory of Ric Laciak
pouring glass in memory of Arkhady Terry


all rights reserved



Nahja Mora Baltimore, Maryland

soundtracks for shattered minds.

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