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by Nahja Mora

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Bee Venom 04:48
(suture) 00:10
And t 05:39
untitled 01:21
Losing Teeth 03:36
When I wake from this When I wash ashore Put me back together again Put me back together again. I fell apart and I fell real far Collect my pieces, strap up braces Before it all comes down again It'll all come crashing down again And outside, a great tree, with sharp bark and sharp leaves is throwing thorns at all it sees, replaces the worry with a bark for me Crack your smile, see what I am, "Like speaking for the tree?" With candy-canes for walking sticks, so soon then comes the rain. So soon, so soon, so soon.. (desperate hands, dealt into blows, hurried sunset, permanent dark) Listen, memories are desires, death is belief, the happiest in the market is a cracked smiling mask but here I am a rotting woodlouse with a fancy for bleach. Desire lives recluse and words kill but no one would hear of it and I'll betray you just like your kin abandoned you just like when you sleep I wear the crown, when you sleep I am king. Outside, a great tree, with sharp bark and sharp leaves is throwing thorns at all it sees, replaces the worry with a bark for me Crack your smile, see what I am when i speak for the tree: Losing hope, Losing teeth, Losing face, Losing me.
The Medium 02:00
"Do you speak?" Yes, I am planning to but not right now. To play dead so many obligations must be met. I said, "play dead!" I said, "come home." Look at me, I crumble like chalk, I sometimes wish, and then he rots, it all goes so wrong unrequited once, I checked my list, Imagine you laugh with a wire to talk. Happenstance always allots for many things to go wrong. but still many obligations must be met. so he tried and they watched and he failed and they left him. so now the tempest tells him, "Play dead! and for lack of what is best falter not, remember what skulks and shall stalk--it seeps through marrow while sleep admidst, Betrayed, you'll never account for this!"
Moth Tree 04:26
Sick vigil of lies Your stories atone Your ego: Janus. Augments Fashion, Production, Aggression, Projection, Exclusion, Rejection, Ablation, Predation. Green-eyed betrayal, I know you, I know you Eternal, aligned, in crowds, behind, Around, beside, surrounded, alive. Behind the smile I know, it played a joke on me again Faraway in the land of torn cardboard and shadow, fiddlers dance on burning words. But you have much better things to do, yes, you have much more better things to do. Tomorrow I have plans to pace the floors and eat his hate. Deepening halls behind each door, all new annihilating watchword. Liar, so relented, give up to the sideline where you belong. This is what you get when you open a door. Remember: The weight is bending the wood, the word is breaking the wall, the will is lost in the street, the street is forever in my head.


"Throughout Actualiser, Saint ensures that no sound or sample is left untouched, appropriately mangled beyond recognition – all elements in an experimental sonic concoction to explore the deepest recesses of a disturbed mentality. Drum machines are brutalized to such a degree that one would be hard pressed to find anything resembling a standard beat structure, while the fine line between synthesizer and organic, physical ambience is blurred. [...] a delightful cacophony that is so close to melodic that it brings to mind the noisier moments of Skinny Puppy’s Last Rites."
- Regen

A dense, anxious, electronic disaster.
The debut EP from Nahja Mora, Actualiser, walks a path of exploitation, anxiety, isolation, self-destruction, psychosis, and betrayal (in that order). It follows a theme of self-actualization but in reverse—a destruction of the self to examine what one would become. Aurally expressed through layers of chopped percussion; delicate and circular melodies; erratic and droning synthesizers, sruti boxes, and radios; menacing synth and electric bass; screeching strings, and desperate vocals all working to impress on the listener a feeling of the world coming unglued.


released April 19, 2016

all songs written, arranged, programmed,
and performed by Josef Saint
electric bass on 'Losing Teeth' by Hobart Blankenburg
recorded at The InjuryBox Baltimore Maryland
mastered by Eric Oehler at Submersible Studios
© Nahja Mora 2016


all rights reserved



Nahja Mora Baltimore, Maryland

soundtracks for shattered minds.

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